Monday, March 27, 2023

PHA Advising: Pop Up Advising


Conference Opportunity: Harvard Medical School- Empower- A Symposium on Underrepresented Voices in Medicine

Empower: A Symposium on Underrepresented Voices in Medicine is geared towards pre-medical students applying to medical school in the upcoming 2023-2024 cycle who are historically underrepresented in medicine (e.g. Black, Hispanic/Latinx, American Indian, Alaskan and Hawaiian Natives), LGBTQ+, and/or first-generation low-income. The virtual conference is free to attendees and will be occurring virtually on Saturday, April 22th from 11:00 AM - 6:30 PM ET. We aim to diversify the next generation of physicians and physician-scientists and enhance, equip, educate, and empower the future of medicine. 


The conference will feature panels and discussions with current Harvard Medical School students, alumni, and affiliated physicians of similar identities. Topics include, but are not limited to: The MCAT, Crafting the Personal Statement and Secondaries, Keeping it Real with HMS Students and much more! As registration is limited, individuals interested in attending the conference must pre-register using the link below.


Please note we will also be having a Fall conference (in September 2023) geared toward pre-medical high school through post-baccalaureate students that will be applying to medical school in Summer 2024 or later. All students can use the same link below to submit a pre-registration application. 


We were hoping you could share our conference with your students and disseminate it to other pre-medical advisors/academic advisors who work with pre-medical students within your network as well, so that we can reach as many students who could benefit from this conference as possible. Students can pre-register for our conference using the link below. Our conference flyer is also attached. 


Link to RSVP


More information can be found on our website Please don’t hesitate to contact if you have any additional questions. 

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Emory Community: Emory Minority Premedical Society- Georgetown Admissions Q&A


Emory Community: Emory Pre Medical Association- Integrative Medicine Panel

 EPMA will be hosting an Integrative Medicine Panel next week on Thursday March 30th, from 5-6pm at the Psychology Building in room 250. Panelists, Dr. Kucuk (integrative oncologist) and Dr. Quave (medical ethnobotanist), will be sharing their career experiences, field expertise, and research interests -- including chemoprevention, nutrition, traditional medicine, and infectious disease treatment and prevention.

This is a great opportunity to learn about the growing field of integrative medicine, clinical and research pathways, and the incredible healing properties of natural compounds! Be sure to join us, and bring any questions you may have!

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Employment Opportunity: UNIV - Statistical Research Assistant-Shoulder and Elbow - Department of Orthopedics

UNIV - Statistical Research Assistant-Shoulder and Elbow - Department of Orthopedics

As a research analyst, a prospective medical student will be exposed to the clinical, operative, and academic side of medicine. While experiencing the field of orthopedic surgery hands-on, the analyst will assist two Shoulder and Elbow physicians. in continuing their extensive research being conducting for the field as a whole, while also providing care to their patients- whether in the clinic or the operating room.

Deadline: March 30, 2023


Graduate Program Opportunity: Biomedical Masters Program at the University of Pittsburgh

The BMP is a 12 month, 32 credit Master of Science program that focuses on graduate level science training and investigative thinking through rigorous academic inquiry and experiential learning opportunities based in research and practice.

Our mission is to provide students with the training necessary to succeed in admissions and thrive throughout their health sciences professional program, and to cultivate lifelong learning skills and other development needed to flourish in their chosen careers.

The BMP is organized as follows:


  • Core courses covering the major basic sciences (Biochemistry, Physiology, Cell Biology, Pharmacology, Analysis of Disease, Method and Logic in Biomedicine)
  • Elective courses which are tailored to each specific student
  • Individualized mentoring and coaching including academic advising, career development, and professional coaching.
  • Courses and one-on-one mentoring on career planning, specialty exploration, professionalism, and non-cognitive development
  • Experiential training including laboratory research, clinical shadowing, patient service and volunteering. These activities are combined to fit the needs of each specific student
  • The BMP has a limited number of scholarships that are awarded to cover part of the student’s tuition expenses, primarily based on financial need, in addition to underrepresentation in Medicine and Science, geographical origin, family status, and personal history
Students can see information about the BMP at You may also contact Larissa Kocelko, our Administrative Specialist at or (412) 383-8716.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Info Sessions: UC Davis Spring Break Medical School Road Trip

March 27th - March 30th, UC Davis Health Professions Advising office will virtually visit Medical Schools from across the nation. This will be an opportunity to explore new schools and connect with admissions representatives. Everyone is welcome to join our free event including non-UC Davis students and alumni, so feel free to share with your friends. Attendance is not mandatory, join when you can.


Gap Year Opportunity: Casa de Esperanza


Thursday, March 23, 2023

PHA Event: Allied Health- Exploring Public Health

Interested in MPH programs but wondering how to prepare for application and possible career options after graduation? Join us on Thursday in ESC N101 to explore the Public Health track with some current Rollins students and professors!

Gap Year Opportunity: The Center for Health + Technology (CHeT) at the University of Rochester

The Center for Health + Technology (CHeT) is an organization at the University of Rochester that seeks to use technology to advance clinical research and ultimately improve the lives of patients. Since its inception, CHeT has enrolled 40,000+ participants in 130+ clinical studies, as well as supported clinical trials for seven FDA-approved treatments for conditions including Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease. Our collaborators on innovative studies include MIT, Apple, Biogen, Sage Bionetworks, and the Michael J. Fox Foundation, among others. We are seeking a motivated individual interested in joining a team that is transforming healthcare through novel applications of technology to neurological diseases. We are looking for a self-starter with an interest in technology, writing, patient interaction, and healthcare/clinical trial management. Successful applicants will demonstrate adaptability, a diverse skill set, and an aptitude for independent and team endeavors alike. This position is ideal for candidates looking for a ~2 year clinical research experience before entering graduate or professional school (MD, PhD, DDS, MBA, etc). This position includes clinic and office responsibilities and requires the candidate to be in Rochester, NY or willing to relocate to Rochester, NY

Applicants may apply for this position by emailing a resume and cover letter to Additionally, applicants may contact me at if they have any questions.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Gap Year Opportunity: Ophthalmology/Oculoplastics Internship in Santa Monica, CA (Dr. Cynthia Boxrud)

Ophthalmology/Oculoplastics Internship in Santa Monica, CA (Dr. Cynthia Boxrud)

This internship is for college graduates who are participating in a gap year and intending on matriculation to medical school for the fall of 2024. Interested applicants must have already completed the MCAT in order to be considered for the internship. As an intern for Dr. Cynthia Boxrud, interns will learn about ophthalmology and oculoplastic surgery. Responsibilities include taking patient histories via electronic health records systems, presenting patients to Dr. Boxrud, and assisting throughout the day in the clinic. As part of a surgical practice, interns will be able to observe cosmetic and ophthalmic surgeries once a week. Interns will learn sterile technique and gain insights into the inner workings of an operating room such as collaborations between surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and scrub technicians. Additionally, this internship provides students opportunities to participate in research projects affiliated with institutions like the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine or to initiate their own projects. In addition to clinical experiences, interns will be responsible for administrative duties that impact patient care within a private medical practice, such as completing insurance authorizations, ordering office/medical supplies, and preparing the operating room. Supported by the mentorship of Dr. Boxrud and the engaging experiences provided by the internship, past interns have matriculated to medical schools including Columbia, Johns Hopkins, UCSF, NYU, Mayo Clinic, UCLA, USC, and Northwestern.

This internship is located in Dr. Boxrud’s private office and private operating room in Santa Monica. The start date for the position is expected to begin the first week of June 2023; upon beginning the internship, incoming interns will participate in an introductory training period hosted by the outgoing class designed to orient them to their new position. The internship will end in July 2024.

The pay for this position is $17 per hour. Interns are expected to work approximately 40 hours per week with variability depending on patient and surgical load. Vacation time is largely reserved for medical school interviews.

Because of the high expectations and more involved responsibilities placed upon interns in a smaller private practice, interested applicants must demonstrate diligence, responsibility, leadership, ability to collaborate with others, and experience in healthcare or other interpersonal settings.

Interested applicants should submit their resumes (including MCAT score and GPA), as well as a cover letter describing interest in and any relevant preparation for the position. Please submit this application to by March 31, 2023.